Sealing Technologies

Mechanical Seals are used to prevent the flow of liquids or gases between two machine elements, which are moving relative to one another. The mechanical seal assembly generally includes a rotating sealing ring fixed to the shaft, a non-rotating sealing ring adjacent to and in close contact with the rotating sealing ring for forming an annular seal about the shaft. The wide range of our mechanical seal products from small single spring mechanical seals used in millions of domestic water pumps to large, highly customized mechanical seals for high speed turbo compressors far exceeds any other seal manufacturer in the region. 

Dry gas seals 
A dry running gas seal resembles an ordinary stationary mechanical face seal the same basic components: face ring, seat ring, retainer, coil springs, secondary seal, sleeve, etc. and the main differences are: wider seal face, special shaped face ring and a spiral groove or other patterns on one of the sealing faces.
The rotating seat ring, usually a very hard, stiff, wear-resistant material is axially fixed. Whereas the stationary face ring made from a relatively softer more flexible self-lubricating material like carbon, is free to move in the axial direction to establish a dynamic equilibrium sealing gap between the two rings.
Dry Gas seals installed on Turbo Gas compressors run at speed up to 24000RPM. So reliability and precise production and testing are key factors which leave only a few manufacturers in the world fully capable of producing a quality and trustable Dry gas seal. 
At Petrotec we have the complete knowhow to produce and give serves to our customers’ requirements in Dry Gas seals.
O-ring seals
Elastomers, usually in the form of O-Rings are simple, ingenious and effective sealing device. Because of its simple construction, it is readily adaptable to limited-space applications. It provides a dependable dynamic and static seal through wide ranges of pressures and temperatures. 
Petrotec provides a wide range elastomer family of compounds, from simple compounds like NBR to FFKM for severe environments which allows reliable operation.
Our stock of standard sizes in large variety of grades and compounds enables us to serve our customers with just in time delivery.
PTFE seals
Engineering plastics are increasingly replacing traditional materials such as bronze, stainless steel, cast iron and ceramics. They are chosen for both improved performance and cost reduction. Plastics can reduce weight, eliminate corrosion, improve wear performance in un-lubricated conditions, reduce noise, increase part life, insulate, and isolate both thermally and electrically.  
We produce a wide range of sealing products from O-rings to Spring Energized seals using different PTFE compounds based on the operating conditions of the seal. 
Mechanical Packing
Braided Packings are the easiest sealing devices to install, require little maintenance after installation, and when properly ed and installed, provide reliable service.
We at Petrotec provide a wide range of Packings to customers in various industries.
Gasket is a deformable material clamped between essentially stationary faces to prevent the passage of matter through an opening or joint. 
Petrotec supplies a wide range of Gaskets including gaskets with high temperature materials and compressed non-asbestos materials for use in various industries.